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KW infrastructure consulting advises clients on financial, procurement, strategic and private-public partnership issues on capital intensive infrastructure projects

KW infrastructure consulting provides support from project evaluation to financial close, construction and operations. We also source for potential partners in the financial project and fundraising for projects through our extensive and diverse list of partners worldwide. Supported by power of technology KW Infrastructure consulting provides sophisticated business financial performance and monitoring information in support of tactical and strategic advice to clients. We strive to develop a working partnership alliance with its business clients and their accounting, finance and legal advisors in dealing with operational execution, performance, ownership and capitalization issues and opportunities.

  • Understanding company history
  • Understand clients’ needs
  • Identifying relationships
  • Find opportunities
  • Prioritize
  • Implementation
  • Follow-up and monitoring
  • Sustainability
  • Excellence
  • Satisfaction


KW Infrastructure consulting through its years of experience and expertise, we assist organizations to solve problems, improve business performance, create value and maximize its potential for growth. Project development- We help organizations to achieve their set objectives and goals under specific requirements by using the available resources, knowledge and experience to design and implement a project. We advise and assist projects from initiation, planning, execution and closure.
• Develop feasibility studies through our extensive experience from pre-purchase through construction and sales, we understand approval, technical, contributions and funding risks to deliver robust feasibility analysis. • Infrastructure master planning - we pay attention to detail that will de-risk your project subsequent stages.
• Equity Investments
We assist small and medium emerging companies secure equity financing from strategic addition to fundraising, we provide our clients with valuable strategic business advice throughout the capital raising process
• Debt /Credit facilities
We help our clients in capital raising process by advising them on the positive and negatives of debt financing needed from the most suitable and reliable lenders. Through our expertise, our clients are able to secure the precise amount of debt they need to maintain a healthy balance sheet and secure cash flow.

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